You have to just create blog having unique content & must be your own. 

You can create blog various topics like health, technology, religion, automobiles, movies & many more... 

Second Step : For earning from your blog you have to make connection with Google account (Adsense account). 

After making Adsense sign-up Click on Adsense Setup Tab Then click Allowed sites link after click on 

Webmaster Central link After pressing Get Started button paste your blog’s url into the 

text line and click on add site. Then Google will place adsense ads regarding to your content 

basis on your keywords within your blog. 

Third Step : Google will take few days to indexing & managing your blog. 

You can add 5-10 adsense tabs on your blog page & can change their position also . 

Fourth Step : To generate traffic & to make your site popular post blog on Daily Basis.

 This thing will develop your site ranking in search engine. 

The impact of this you can get large audience towards your blog; people will see your content; 

click on the google ads;earn daily. If publish unique & useful content

 you can achieve lots of comments on that this is another way to increase your traffic.

Fifth Step: Don’t lose your patient even if you can’t make money. 

Keep on submitting, updating, modifying after all success is yours.


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