Free Website Promotion Guide - site Promotion Mistakes & adsense income.

When webmasters have created their final master piece, their next step is to promote, promote and promote. This is a vital step in survival of your website and will increase your sales and visitors. Many webmasters, especially beginners, gets so excited and want to take major steps so that they can get hundreds of visitors next day. Sometimes they try to adopt many illegal ways to promote their website. This causes their website to be banned from major search engines and as well as it is disliked by many people. Conclusively this decreases your website reputation drastically. Its cause is sometime a wrong advice or some people do these steps purposely to increase traffic without knowing its side effects. We will discuss here these website promotion mistakes and we would advice you to never use these techniques if possible. Never Submit Your Website When Under construction: It is always better to submit your website when it is fully functional. This leaves a real bad impression on directories or search engine, wherever you submit to. If your visitors see a under construction sign, many of them are not going to come again, especially if this sign stays for longer. 

Do Not SPAM:

 Spamming can be of different types. I would concentrate on email spamming now. Never force anyone, by sending them emails, to view your website or product, especially if they have not subscribed for that. There are many offers available on net that you can get thousands of emails list and use it for your advertising. Never trust them whatever they say. You are not going to gain anything; however, you could make more enemies and get your website banned sometimes.

 Redirectors: Many websites use redirectors or set their fresh rates too high. It really has a bad effect on search engine ranking. Try to avoid them as much as possible.

Avoid Wrong Methods Of Web page Optimization:

 Many people still use those old methods to hide text by changing its color with back ground color so making it invisible to see. Do not also try to hide text with layers. This was good enough in 1995 when search engines were in their developing stages. Now they have got quite intelligent to overcome such techniques and give penalty to websites using such technique. 

Don't Create Doorway Pages: 

Many search engine optimizers did reverse engineering and get lot of knowledge about search engine algorithms. They used this knowledge to create doorway pages or welcome pages or jump pages, which were used to get first 10 positions in search engines. These pages were very well optimized for search engines and ranked very well.

 That is good if your website is very much dynamic and its pages are not well ranked by search engines. But how could spammers can stay away? Then every spammer used these techniques excessively and conclusively it became difficult for people to get relevant content. Search engines then realized this trend of increasing such vast amount of doorway pages and they penalize those websites now which use these

techniques. So I would recommend to never using this method to promote your website. 

Don't Involve in Link Making Schemes: 

I would recommend you to increase your page rank but not by using unreliable link producing schemes. Search engines have become very choosy about which type of links a website is having. So it is better to never involve in links farms, auto link exchange programs, site networks. Search engines penalize hardly those websites who try to artificially increase their incoming links or suddenly gain so many links in very small amount of time. It is better to get links by legal ways. Get them from quality websites and try your best to inbound links only. 

Keyword Frequency: 

It is always advised that you should not stuff your web page only with key words, instead of using your primary keyword hundreds of times, pay your attention to contents. If you are really so concerned about your keywords then it is better to use different keywords at different places in your website. 

Don't Spend Your Time On Scrap: 

Sometimes we may have seen websites showing guaranteed no. 1 position in search engines or submit your website to 1500 and plus search engines. They are lire mostly. Because there are only about 10 major search engines which receive about 95% of the internet traffic. All other search engines are smaller ones and get their primary results from major search engines. It is a real wastage of time and money if you are going to use those schemes. Sometimes they also optimize your website in such way that it can even get banned, so be careful.

 Don't Buy Untargeted Traffic:

 Many websites claim that they will send 10,000 visitors or so. What do you think, will that be targeted traffic and will that traffic change into your potential customers? Think carefully and then decide before choosing any such type of offer.

        Tips To Get Thousands of Visitors to Your Blog that increase Adsense Earning

PPC means Pay Per Click name itself suggesting how easily we can make money online. Just by clicking our ads by other self!! Interesting!!
However, in the world there is one unmentioned equation.
As much making money task is easy that much it is hard to implement!! Isn’t it?? 
Means what, we have to prepare our self steady, neat and proper to work with ppc program. If we are willing to generate thousands of traffic in one day (without using robot software, only by hard work) then we have to be pre-planned.
Because ppc becoming one of the hottest advertising techniques.

So here I am mentioning some key points to succeed in this post. Note it down

.Make your proper business model:

.This heading includes your business objective. Means, you have to choose hottest category to write successful campaign. So, first study the whole market and then make your decision.

.Keyword relevancy:

.If you missed hot category then you will face 75% failure but if you missed, appropriate keyword then definitely you will face 95% failure. As much importance has to the keyword relevancy. So, before creating campaign I will suggest to you first choose, appropriate keywords. For that you can use this Google keywords tool.

.Set your budget for your own campaign:

.After deciding campaign overview, another important task is set your budget for your particular campaign. If you are beginner then I recommend you to invest very little amount. This will give you great experience with negligible loss of money. After becoming master, experienced then you can plan to set high budget.

.Learn from the competitors:

.Learn the techniques that your competitors are using. Means, his style of writing, keywords relevancy etc. If you study well of your competitors then there will be more chances to success.

.Observe your conversion rate:

Once you run the campaign then our work will be analyzing our campaign that is properly working or not. If yes then very good if not then don’t worry just check these things:

      Keyword performance:

      remove keywords that is giving poor performance, use another appropriate keyword.

 Check your campaign style:

        One of the main reasons for not getting traffic is that campaign writing style. So, for good result should try to write catchy ad, catchy title it has critical importance for getting high traffic.
 Check if new competitors have risen. 
And at last, make your landing page informative and attractive. Because this is the place from that only people will wish to surf many of your pages.
So friends, these are the tips that I am going to use. And I have got pleasant success from these. You can also try this.

However keep in mind,

        this not in just one night change your life tips!!! For getting an amazing result you should have great patience, hard work skills. Then no one can snatch success from you.
All the best.

·                                 The Advantage of Personal Blog to Online Money Seekers

In this post I am going to tell you why I encouraged to making my personal blog??

.One of the biggest reasons to having a personal blog is that “To make our

 identity in the internet world.”

.To introduce our new product or service, to promote our product 

or service, to increase sell of our product or service for all things personal blog is a very effective 

and tremendous way to marketing.

.Personal blogs are easiest and most impactful way to build strong relationship with 

our customers. Having a personalized relationship with our customers increases more 

chances to achieve our goal!! I think you will be understood this point. Isn’t it? Means what,

 you can increase your sells rate through this activity.

.Personal blogs are very helpful in creating additional income coming through affiliate programs.

 Marketing of products under affiliate programs becomes simple when you are considering the marketing

 links that produce a great amount of income. Also if we connect our blog with adsense then there will 

be two chances to make money, through adsense and also from affiliate programs.

.And last thing, personal blogs is a platform in that we can share our personal crucial or pleasant 

experiences in our own style not much professional or corporate style. Keep in mind this thing; 

people interacts with those blogs which are looking so true so simple not with corporate style blogs.

Upto here we have saw that importance of having blog. So if you will have been something looking 

attractive and you would like to create as this then I am always there for you!!!


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